More Than I Bargained For

(Let me start with -parenthetically- stating that I am a pescatarian. That is a person who eats vegetables, dairy products and fish, but does not red meat, chicken, turkey, etc. Perhaps one day I will write why I have decided to become one, but today I just wanted to provide this as a point of reference for the following. )

I was looking online for small body acoustic guitars, and I found this little Martin that looked cool, and at $279 not a bad deal, really.  My friend TMB has an appreciation for acoustic guitars, so I emailed him the link for the guitar with the words “Buy me this”.

His response was definitely more than I bargained for:

“If you come with me to the Fresh Killed chicken place on Cambridge st, select one, watch it killed, bring it back to your place, roast it, and let me watch you eat the whole thing, I’ll not ONLY buy it for you, but I’ll even chip in for a guitar strap.”

Yep, that’s pure TMB, always there to make your day.

Which reminds me that TMB must be on a roll this week: these are two out of the three text messages he sent me this week: “Bloody punk!!!” “Fucker”. Always glad to pay $.20 for each of those.