Calexico at the Somerville Theater

Calexico played a very good show at the Somerville Theater on Sunday. Acorn opened for them (and not Bowerbirds as stated on the tickets), a band I had never heard of before, and some of their stuff was good.

We had pretty good seats and it was a cool show. The crowd was typical Boston crowd in the beginning, you know, cold, non-responsive and securely bolted to their seats. After a snarky comment from frontman Joey Burns the crowd warmed up, and later on almost everybody was up dancing. I mean their music is not totally dancable, but the majority of the crowd appreciated their southwest/mexican musical style. I prefer their moody stuff, the stuff that make you feel you’re driving a convertible in an open roadway that cuts through the desert on a hot summer day, under a vast blue sky…

Back to reality and that night’s show, I loved the white screen in the background that looked like lace, and I had the urge to go up and touch it to see what is was made of, but true to style I never delivered. 

BK took tons of photos and here are a couple.