I Bore You With My Last Night’s Dream

Our dreams are boring to everyone but us. So let’s get the boring rolling with my last night’s dream:

I went to a bar that was supposedly owned by Jennifer Lopez. I ordered a beer that was on the list. The woman behind the bar was Trina of Trina’s Starlight. She entered the name of the beer in her iPhone, and said that it would take the delivery person one hour to get it to the bar.  “One hour?”,  I asked surprised. “Yes, one hour”, she said “because they make it in Waltham. ” I was trying to understand the concept, so I asked her “So, if it was a Harpoon it would take less time, because they would bring it from South Boston?” “Yes”, she replied.

I drank another beer that they had, and I paid for it. Trina apologized for not having the beer I had ordered first, and said the next one would be on them. Unfortunately, I had to leave. I tried to find my jacket, but the place was getting very busy, so they had moved it around. I got a little anxious trying to find my jacket, but I located it on a planter. The crowd was now women and men in their 40s-50s.

I got home and a little while later the phone rang. It was Jennifer Lopez’s mother saying that Jennifer would like to talk to me. I said sure. Jennifer came to the phone and said she was sorry that they didn’t have the beer I had ordered. She sounded like she had a cold. She said that they had recently opened the bar, so she was looking for feedback from the customers. I told her that it wasn’t a big deal really, I had ordered something else and was happy with it. She asked about the staff and I told her they were all very nice and helpful. She said that I could go back to the bar sometime next weekend, and my beer would be on them, as an apology. I thanked her and hang up. I don’t think she had asked my name, so I wondered how they would know at the bar, I was the person who got to have a beer on J-Lo.  And then I realized it was bizarre that I was on the phone was J-Lo and she was asking for my feedback. I couldn’t wait to tweet about it.

The only question I have now is how did J-Lo get my number.