Randomness. Coincidence.

Coincidences. As in, you think or talk about something and a couple of days later you read or hear about it. It happens to me often, and this past weekend it happened twice.

Saturday afternoon we were browsing books and travel guides at the Globe Corner Bookstore, which unfortunately will be closing at the end of June. BK saw a book by author Paul Theraux on the front desk and said “He’s from Medford”, something worth mentioning because I work in and for Medford. I then said “Do you know who else is from Medford? Bloomberg, the billionaire Mayor of New York. Actually, his mother still lives in Medford. She’s, I don’t know, in her 90s or something but I hear she’s very active in the community”. Well, Monday morning as I was catching up with twitter, I saw that Charlotte Bloomberg, the mother of the NYC Mayor had died on Sunday in Medford at the age of 102. I was surprised, it’s not that I had ever talked about her before. I suppose at that age the odds of dying are high, yet learning that she died a day after I randomly mentioned her, is still a quite strange coincidence. I wonder what the odds of me mentioning a 102-year old one day before they die on a random June afternoon after seeing a Theroux book are.

At some other point during the weekend BK mentioned something about sailors, and I remembered and told him about that summer when my friends and I were vacationing on a Greek island and we met some sailors from a Uruguayan ship that had docked there, and I liked one of them, who was actually from Argentina. His name was Santiago, he was cute and spoke Spanish with that adorable Italian accent that people from Argentina have. This morning I was reading about films screening at the upcoming Nantucket Film Festival, as I’m heading there tomorrow and wanted to see what films I should catch. I was quite surprised when I read the first line of this description for the film ‘Beyond the Road‘: “Santiago, a 30-year-old Argentinean, travels to Uruguay searching for a piece of land (…)”. Well, what are the odds?

Two in a row. Randomness, coincidence, everyday life.