May 21, 2011: The Rapture Snubbed Us, The PorchFest Rocked Us

Saturday May 21, 2011 was supposed to be Judgement Day. The day when the world as we know it was going to end. But it didn’t. The Rapture completely snubbed Harold Camping’s prediction. We woke up on that day happy to see that is was, in fact, a glorious day. After a week of cloudy and rainy weather we were ready to have our faces and bodies warmed up by the sun. At some point I thought that the Rapture might have happened indeed and I ended up in Heaven: the gorgeous weather and the hot shirtless guys running around were a proof of my transition. Alas, I was still bound by gravity and my own imperfections.

And that was alright. That same day PorchFest was going on around Somerville. PorchFest is a decentralized celebration where musicians play on porches. Turns out there are lots of musicians residing in Somerville, which meant that there were many little parties happening all over the city. The weather was perfect and the ideal way to check out as many porches as possible must have been to bike around the city.  Due to a late start I didn’t visit many venues, but reading the bands/musicians named I decided I had to check out The Rapture Day Ramblers. How aptly named for the day! They were playing on a porch across the street from the Nave Gallery. When we got there they had just starting playing a lovely unplugged set of bluegrass music. People starting coming by to listen. Interesting crowd, families with young children, hipsters, bikers. The guy next to me sat cross-legged on the sidewalk. He was wearing a bow-tie, button down shirt, bermuda shorts, boat shoes, and sported a modified fauxhawk. At some point he took a beer bottle and a glass out of his messenger bag and started drinking. I got a little jealous. Another guy was wearing a ‘Worcester: Paris of the Eighties’ T-shirt. The scene in Somerville was definitely rocking the Rapture.


FAST Light at MIT

This past weekend of May 7 and 8 the MIT campus in Cambridge and the Charles River got illuminated by many quirky art installations. It was FAST Light, the finale of the three-month-long festival of Art + Science + Technology at MIT.  On Sunday I walked around the campus, enjoyed the scene and the neat art pieces,  and took some photos.

Liquid Archive


Light Drift

String Tunnels

More Than I Bargained For

(Let me start with -parenthetically- stating that I am a pescatarian. That is a person who eats vegetables, dairy products and fish, but does not red meat, chicken, turkey, etc. Perhaps one day I will write why I have decided to become one, but today I just wanted to provide this as a point of reference for the following. )

I was looking online for small body acoustic guitars, and I found this little Martin that looked cool, and at $279 not a bad deal, really.  My friend TMB has an appreciation for acoustic guitars, so I emailed him the link for the guitar with the words “Buy me this”.

His response was definitely more than I bargained for:

“If you come with me to the Fresh Killed chicken place on Cambridge st, select one, watch it killed, bring it back to your place, roast it, and let me watch you eat the whole thing, I’ll not ONLY buy it for you, but I’ll even chip in for a guitar strap.”

Yep, that’s pure TMB, always there to make your day.

Which reminds me that TMB must be on a roll this week: these are two out of the three text messages he sent me this week: “Bloody punk!!!” “Fucker”. Always glad to pay $.20 for each of those.