San Pedro by Mogwai

I was looking forward to the live Mogwai show at the Paradise scheduled for April 23. Then, a couple of days ago I received an email saying that

“due to an unforeseen delay in their visa processing, Mogwai must postpone these shows: April 19 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
April 20 Philadelphia, PA Starlight Ballroom
April 21 New York, NY Webster Hall
April 22 New York, NY Webster Hall
April 23 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club

Dates will be rescheduled for Oct TBA.”

A major bummer. Last I saw them playing live was two years ago at the Wilbur. This time I was looking forward to seeing them at the recently renovated Paradise, a small venue with superb sound. I could clearly see myself up front rocking out to the sounds of San Pedro. Well, I guess I have to wait until October. Until then, I will have to settle for some mild rocking in my office chair.

UPDATE: Mogwai rescheduled their postponed US shows and they’re playing Boston on October 1 at the House of Blues. Which, compared to the Paradise, simply sucks. FML.


File Under ‘Bad Poetry’. Again.

[Yes, another one of those. This one was apparently written by me in January 2009. ]

Every time I see you / You get a little smaller in my eyes / Through the spectrum / Of my self-significance

I wish you were / The answer to the question / The voice to the moving mouth / The shoe to the bare foot

I wish I was.


Back in October during the Boston Book Festival, I bought a copy of Steve Almond’s book “Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life”. He had just emceed the Boston Revue event and he was hilarious. The authors featured at the Boston Revue were signing books after the event, so I decided to have my copy signed by Almond. We chatted for a little bit, he asked my name and then signed my copy with the following note:

It was the funniest thing I had seen in a while. “Please read this book NAKED & DANCE!” Who, but Almond would sign a book with such a crazy funny note?!

Fast forward to last Sunday, I found myself waiting in the checkout line looking at the merchandise placed along the line. Chocolates, cooking books, sauces, children’s books, more specialty chocolate. And then a bright green box with the words “Get Naked” popped into my field of vision.  I had to do a double take, read the text on the box again and then take a picture:

Now, I’m not sure if this qualifies as smart marketing, but it sure is smart product packaging. It is eye-catching. Is it smart that this being dog food appears to be a secondary issue in the presentation? I spent time on this product: first I read “Get Naked”, then “enjoy life” and then the small font finally announcing what product it is: a “simple & honest dog treat.” I wondered what the brand name was, was it the “Get Naked” part? I hadn’t heard of it before. The packaging grabbed my attention, but I don’t own a dog, so I didn’t buy the product. But I’m sure the funny message has helped sell plenty of dog food. The question that still remains, however, is who the “get naked” message is directed to: the dog, the dog owner, or the people waiting in the checkout line…

April Snow

When after months of heavy snowfall the ice banks melted, when the roadsides and sidewalks finally were snow and ice-free, we thought Spring came. The thermometer displayed mid 60sF on two days in March and we took it as a sign to put our winter clothes away.

But then a funny thing happened. April came around and April knows how to make an entrance. April brought snow.  It was actually lovely to wake up on the first day of April, look outside your window and see everything white again. What April Fools’ Day?

Despite the snow fatigue, this is quite beautiful and quite welcome, because you know it will be gone in a day and everything will start turning green. Sooner or later.