Track Walk

Yesterday we walked along the tracks of the Lowell commuter rail line. The proposed Green Line extension will be built next to the commuter rail tracks, and we were shown where the proposed stations will be built. The railroad right-of-way will have to be widened at points. It was nice to see where the new line will be constructed but I kept thinking “where will everything fit?”

It was nice to walk in a restricted access area. I felt moderately special as one of the few that have the clearance to walk along the tracks. A juvenile feeling kicked in right away when I stepped on the tracks: I picked up some ballast and started throwing the stones ahead. I stopped as soon as I realized that the other people were looking at me.

We walked on. We saw trash, dead animals along the sides. Rusty metal, hardened plastic, molten glass. It was exciting to have the trains zip by right next to us.

It was a beautiful, sunny day. I had a silly smile on my face the whole time, like I was one of the cool kids. And maybe for an hour I was.