My New York City Weekend

I visited New York City for the weekend. I really dig NYC, but I hadn’t visited since June, so it was about time. I took the bus, which overall was not an unpleasant experience. I went to the MoMA on Friday, which is now a NYC tradition for me, to go there Fridays after 4:30pm only, when admission is free. You can call me cheap. I saw a special exhibition on modern drawing and hated most of it, because I can’t really appreciate art that looks like it was done in five minutes by a five-year old. I love drawing, and I hope crappy art does not make me hate it. Nice try, though. I ate roasted chestnuts. I love roasted chestnuts and I haven’t been able to find them anywhere in Boston. Why not, Boston?

I went to Brooklyn. Specifically, I went to Red Hook at night looking for a club, walking under elevated railroad tracks in a seedy industrial area. The Muffs played live there. I observed higher concentration of hipsters than in Manhattan. Red Hook smelled like death. After the show I walked towards the opposite direction I came from, only to find out that in Brooklyn people like shovelling their houses’ front steps half, or not at all. A couple of girls asked “where’s a shop around here?” A shop. I said I didn’t know. I didn’t bother to ask what kind of shop.

I stayed at a hotel on Murray Hill, and my room was gigantic for NYC standards. It was on the 32nd floor, with a pretty nice view. There was even a kitchen in the room, which I didn’t use. I mean, I don’t even use the kitchen in my condo, why bother now. The hotel porter was creepy, looked like he was in the wrong decade, an escapee from the ’30s. He was wearing a long black jacket and a fedora, and kept another set of them on a chair in the lobby. I’m pretty sure he “knows people”. I saw many other people wearing weird clothes. I also saw many weird-looking people.

People in NYC say “dawg” instead of “dog” and “stawrs” instead of “stars”. And if you are in a store waiting to pay for something, they say “next on line, please” instead of “next in line, please”. They’re funny like that, but I’m guessing I’m even funnier.

I went to the American Museum of Natural History for the first time. I liked the section in biodiversity and the underwater creatures. Whales, dolphins, fishes, squids. And yes, I saw the squid and the whale. I especially liked the bioluminescence section, featuring fish that looked like were having an S&M party, and a jelly fish that flashed different colors and looked like it could easily have been used as night club lighting. Bioluminescence stands for party.

I walked through  snowed Central Park, it was beautiful. I then went to the Metropolitan Museum. It had been a while since my last visit there, it was nice to see a couple of lovely El Greco’s and the Stieglitz, Steichen, Strand photo exhibition, among others. I overdosed on culture, you can tell.

I went to Maxwell’s in Hoboken, New Jersey. The ladies to guys ratio in Hoboken is one to four. I saw the Muffs again. I saw an “Oral and maxillofacial surgery” sign at a doctor’s office. I had no idea what maxillofacial is, but it certainly sounded grand. And scary.

I took the subway a lot. Most of the stations look like they’re falling apart, but at least the trains were running smoothly. Unless it’s a Saturday and you’re waiting for a train that doesn’t run on weekends; and just like Boston, there’s no sign to inform you of that. It’s that moment that you feel like an outsider: everybody is in the know, except you. I saw puke by a public telephone. I’m amazed, but also glad that there are still public telephones around, for those who use them, like drunk people ready to puke. I saw a giant rat on a subway platform taking his good old-time walking among people, towards his subject of desire, a trash can. He was a cool one. I witnessed an argument between two teenager cousins. One loudly demanded “respect” because his attire was more expensive than the other’s. The other didn’t seem to care that much, although he looked slightly embarrassed. I somehow got involved in their argument, and the loud one told me “Miss, look at my shoes,they cost $250, his cost $60, hahaha only $60! Look at him, I will give him my hat to go beg for money. I bought him his jacket. And look at my watch, look at the diamonds!” “Wow, are they real?” I asked. “Yes, of course they’re real, this watch is $400!”. Well, that settles everything then. I didn’t really understand if I was being asked to judge their looks, or their styles. I told them they both looked fine and cool. I should have added “respectful”. But what I really wanted to say was “Hey kid, pull your pants up, you’re wearing them low, below your butt and I can see your underwear.”

I walked around Prospect Park in Brooklyn. It was very white, so much pure snow covering everything. Oh, yes, I forgot the occasional yellow and brown snow. It was pretty nice. Then I visited the Brooklyn Museum for the first time. I’m not sure how this museum is organised, but it is certainly not organised by era. That was a little confusing, but interesting museum overall.

I ate and drank a lot. I walked a lot. I walked in the slush a lot. I walked on snow a lot. I got excited whenever I saw a Duane Reade, a pharmacy where you can buy aspirin, beer and sushi. Oh, yeah, and I saw a bar named “Dive Bar” somewhere uptown. I should check it out next time, I can’t wait to “tawk” to the regulars.


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