Low Resolution

Oh, the evolution of the image quality through the history of photography: We started in low resolution and monochrome. Then we strove for higher resolutions and color. We went from cameras obscura to film to digital. We created heavy lenses with complex glass systems. We wanted more megapixels, we came to despise the grainy image, we wanted it to be crystal clear.

Then we became overcome with nostalgia of the grainy image. We went back to shooting film. Then we realized our cell phones took low resolution photos. We became obsessed with the faux-vintage look. We used and abused camera phone applications that give that certain look to our photos, we couldn’t get enough of applying the preset filters. We still want our phones to come with cameras with more megapixels to capture clear images, only to reject the clarity in editing and post-production. We killed image clarity with Hipstamatic and Instagram.

The evolution trajectory in image resolution has been from low to high to low-or-high. Clarity and image sharpness are a choice now, which, of course, is a very good thing. Sometimes I do like my photographic images to have a retro look. I like them to be low resolution and almost look like paintings. Sometimes I like things blurry, I like things looking dreamy. In these days that everything seems loud and big and intrusive, I sometimes prefer things to be implied, I prefer things to be subtle.


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