Snow Day, January 12, 2011

At work on Tuesday we were all talking about the snow storm brewing, kept reading the updated weather forecasts, and started growing anxious, when by the end of the work day we still didn’t know whether next day was going to be a snow day or not. I left work and 15 minutes later I got the call that made me happy: a snow day indeed. Tuesday night I drank wine, stayed up late and watched every news forecast available. They were talking about 18 inches of snow. When I got to bed around midnight, it was still dry.

At around 6 a.m. on Wednesday I woke up by the sound of thunder. I must be having weird dreams, I thought, I should drink less wine next time. I got up around 9:30, looked out of my window, everything was white, it looked like a lot of snow. The bikepath was completely covered by snow, the tree branches were snow frosted, and fat snow flakes were coming down. I turned on the TV and they talked about thunder snow and lighting. Wow.

It was quite windy, as well. By around 2 p.m. I realized I’ve been too lazy and I went for a brief walk from North Cambridge along the bikepath to Davis Square. It was beautiful, fresh snow, few cars on the roads.

Saw cross-country skiers, dogs trying to walk and play in the thick snow layer. And I took some photos, of course. The wind made it a little bit challenging, and it was quite cold: when I finally got back home, my fingers and toes were frozen.

Here’s the slideshow of my photos and here’s the set .



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