Photo of the Day, July 19, 2010 on

A photo I took during ArtBeat, the funky arts festival in Davis Square in Somerville was chosen Photo of the Day for Monday July 19, 2010 on I took the photo on Saturday, which was a pretty hot and humid day, that is not as refreshing as water, this year’s ArtBeat theme. The water in the inflatable pool looked inviting, the bubbles not so. When I tried to picture myself in the bubble,  I could only think of depleted oxygen supply and suffocation. Yes, you can call me party pooper. But kids, that’s what they like, walking on the water in gigantic bubbles. And it looked like they were having lots os fun.

I decided to do some post production treatment on the original image, using the Photoshop application for iPhone. I kinda like the dreamy hue of the end result. The blue of the inflatable pool is strong and reminds me that I can’t wait for the day I’m going on vacation.


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