Photo of the Day, May 17, 2010 on

One of  my photographs was picked for yesterday’s Photo of the Day on I took the photo on Sunday, which if you remember, was an awesome day, sunny, warm and slightly breezy. I rode my bike, a Bianchi hybrid “100% Chick Designed” (whatever that means) on the Mimuteman Bikepath, from Cambridge all the way to the end in Bedford. I love the bikeway, it’s so green and quiet. I also like the point where it crosses over I-95 and you can see  the traffic zipping by below.

On my way back I noticed my shadow to my left, and started taking photos of my shadow with my iPhone while I was riding. A couple of times I veered off into the grass on the side, but it wasn’t too busy, so I didn’t have to succumb to any major  humiliation. I like this photo; I like the yellow line crossing the shadow, I like how the blurry surface of the bikepath shows motion. I was wondering whether I should crop my leg and the handlebar, but then I decided to leave them in just because I feel they put the shadow image in context.  But then again it’s not too difficult to figure out that this is a shadow, is it?


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