Sometimes writing is easy, sometimes writing is hard. Sometimes I have the inspiration to write about something, I am in the mood, but I simply cannot because I am at work. And for some reason when I do have time during the evenings or weekends, I do not feel like writing.

I have so many unpublished posts in my draft queue, it depresses me to look at them. I want to write about many more things, thoughts racing through my mind. Writing is tricky. The mood has to be right, the time has to be right. I have started writing posts and then abandon them, and sometimes they are not relevant anymore. But sometimes I also feel compelled to finish and publish them. Like the Atoms for Peace post I will post soon. Yes, I know it happened a month ago. The mood and the time managed to be right a month later. Sadly.


7 thoughts on “Writing

  1. It is a feeling that, I suppose, falls upon all writers. Except that nasty bunch that write a perfect manuscript (in a miraculous swoop of their little finger!) in one draft. Lol.


    A. You are human and have the right to err.

    B. To not finish a draft is not an err anyway!

    C. Would you rather start writing drafts on paper and lose them etc. and never get back to them? I rather like seeing all my unfinished drafts in one place. It means there’s still stuff to work on, interesting ideas to bridle and harness.

    Reblogging this. 🙂

  2. Yes, I too have huge doubts over my unfinished drafts but do try to finish them. Blogging is nerve-wracking in the sense that you get to publish without an eagle-eyed editor to say ‘er – for goodness sake, please take out that last sentance!’ Keep up the good work …

  3. My professor always tells me “writing is a conversation,”
    this frees me to think of writing as always unfinished. It’s always
    being added to, expanded upon, re-said, in more and more beautiful
    ways. So I hope this encourages you, that even if you feel it’s
    “unfinished” that you let it be.

  4. That actually happens with me too! It’s so annoying when you’re trying to concentrate in something else, and the greatest idea ever just comes in your mind, and you can’t write or develop it, because you’re supposed to be working!
    And yes, the mood and the time must be the right ones. I’m even weirder, though: I have to be in a nice spot, with a nice light, and so on!

    I’ve truly enjoyed your post!

  5. I have the same exact problems. My notebook and my computer are FILLED with little blurbs and ideas about what I want to write and then when I get ready to write it’s like “Eh, I am just not feeling it” but I have come to the conclusion that as long as what I write when I do write is prolific and poignant I don’t really care. Honestly I would rather have something poignant than write a million things that are ephemeral and droll.

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