Don’t Be Scared; Be Angry

Sometimes I get the feeling I live in a country that is in a perpetual state of fear. Everyday mass media offers you new reasons why you should be scared: terror alerts, car recalls, food recalls. It is like everybody’s telling you don’t walk, don’t fly, don’t drive, don’t eat. Stay scared & stay isolated.

This exaggeration, this imposed fear leave us puppets to the hands of the government, the mass media, the big corporations. A concern is blown up to a tragedy and then to impending doom. The fear blinds us and we cannot think clearly to question, to think rationally and draw our own conclusions.

Well, I think that instead of being scared we should be angry. Angry that we cannot do anything anymore without some fucked up imminent legislation dangling above our heads. The stupidity of the few empowers the unquenched thirst for more rules. The majority can handle fine, until some idiot thinks it’s a good idea to, for example,  text and drive. And then our communal response is to require regulation. You know what? I require legislation that will make people less stupid. I am angry at the stupid person who cannot use common sense; I am angry that my tax dollars are being spent to deal with shit like that.

I am angry that the right conservative agenda managed to get us into useless wars and we just said yes; the democrats said yes because they were scared. Any rational question would be deemed unpatriotic. To me unpatriotic is to spend the country’s tax dollars on ill-advised wars. Unpatriotic is to have a country being abused by the interests of Halliburton and the elite. Nobody cares about the little man. Nobody cares about you. It’s all about deep pockets and shallow consciousness.

Oh yes, there’s more to be angry about, like for instance Obama saying that he would create a website showing earmark spending instead of saying he would outlaw earmarks. Angry at big banks, bailout money and fuck-you-taxpayer bonuses. Angry that liberal Massachusetts is turning into some red state travesty; now one of the Senators from MA is a republican, proud to be driving around the state during the campaign in a gas guzzling truck (who knows why the fuck). Angry that this state might be part in moronic concepts like Massholes (something like the Jersey Shore reality show based in Massachusetts) and the pregnancy pact (yeah, thanks Gloucester). Angry that people are allowed to carry guns freely, until some fucked up mentally unstable person decides to shoot their co-workers, some IRS agents, or the random person walking down the street. And no, I don’t buy your argument about safety and guns. Mentally unstable people carrying guns does not make feel safe at all.

The ignorance, the mental bondage is wearing me out. We subscribe to slogans and soundbites, and we cannot even form coherent arguments anymore. We like being awed, we like being stunned. I am convinced that this world would be a better place if we exercised our critical thinking more often. It’s three simple steps: Question, think, conclude.


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