The Flaming Lips

On Sunday I went to the Flaming Lips show at the BoA Pavilion. Ah, the Pavilion, with its white tent, reminds me of the days I worked in South Boston, and used to walk in that area every day. Nostlagia time is up, so, yes, Sunday night was a pleasant enough night for a concert, with an awesome full (or was it almost full?) moon.

Actually the main reason I wanted to go to the show was  Explosions In the Sky. I like their instrumental post-rock, full of guitar sounds.  They played before the Flaming Lips. They started at around 8:00. I love their music, but I hate the opening band treatment, that has to play with the lame lights, and use half the stage. But, their music was awesome! Then it was 8:40, and that was it! I couldn’t believe it, they only played for 40 minutes! That was disappointing! I tried to take some photos with my SLR, but, of course, you’re not allowed to shoot photos with that camera, so I had to take lame photos with my point and shoot, and none of the Explosions in the Sky came out OK. More disappointment *sigh*

Anyway, then the crew turned the stage into a serious construction site, working for half an hour to set the stage for the Flaming Lips show. Wayne Coyne was coming and going to check on the progress, he was kinda goofy. The screen at the background of the stage was projecting all cool colors and images. At some point it was showing a naked chic dancing (she looked digitally yellow, but you could tell her nakedness). After 5 minutes or so, she laid down, spread her legs, the camera zoomed in really close; then the screen at that “opening” turned out to be a door, which opened, and the band members came out of there; so, yeah, basically the dancing chic gave birth to the band members, nice, ain’t it?

Then Wayne Coyne appeared in a bubble, crowd-surfed for a little while, and the place turned into a carnival site, with balloons and confetti. I don’t know, I like their music, but I am not their biggest fan, and not sure I liked the use of so much “stuff” to get the crowd excited and going. Isn’t their music enough? No, I guess, there is always the show aspect that fans love, with yetis, dancers, etc etc. To be honest, the crowd DID get excited and the cool lights offered the opportunities for some cool photos I took and you can see here. I liked their set too, I just wish Coyne didn’t banter that much between songs.

Me, I am still looking forward to an Explosions in the Sky show.


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