At the Dentist’s

I hadn’t been to the dentist’s in four years, and yes, it was about time to pay a visit. There are people who dread the visit to the dentist, but not me. Generally my teeth have been in good health, and I have to thank Dad for this (btw today’s dad’s birthday, hey, Happy Birthday Dad, enjoy the last week at the beach!)

Anyway, I got to the dentist on time, and was feeling kinda excited about it (OK, not really, but it was something different in my everyday routine). When the technician called my name, I followed her in, and sat in the chair. She introduced herself and then showed me a piece of plastic that had to go inside my mouth and I had to chew on, in order for her to take the x-rays. I was like, are you sure that this has to go insidemy mouth?! I mean the plastic thingy was the size of half of my face, in other words, massive! She was like, yes, just open your mouth. I opened my mouth, she put it right up against my teeth, and then she went “OK, now close your mouth and chew on that side”. Uhhhh, are you crazy, woman? I can’t possibly close my mouth, cause it just doesn’t fit and, no, I don’t want it drilling the bottom and top of my mouth. Are you sure this thing is designed for people and not for horses?! She was like, “oh, you have such a small mouth”. Yes, I am a small person and I have a small mouth, what do you want me to do, get a new one? How about the supplier designing something that would easily fit smaller mouths?! Do you use this thing for children too? (apparently children use other plastic contraptions, which I was seriously tempted to ask for).

I started getting slightly annoyed, and thank goodness they had the radio tuned on NPR and not on kiss108 or something ridiculous like that. Then she suggested that I try fit it in my mouth myself. And I guess that went slightly better. The first two tries failed and my mouth hurt like crazy. The third time I managed to chew on the part, and the x-rays were usable, but, boy, was it a traumatic experience.

Then she cleaned my teeth, which felt like she really wanted to yank them out. At some point she was like “oh, your wisdom teeth are so far behind, it’s difficult to reach”. I wanted to yell, YES, they are wisdom teeth and they are supposed top grow back there, NOT in the front. Get it? After she was done, and to be honest it didn’t hurt too much, the doctor came in, saw the x-rays, examined my teeth and declared that I am all set!!! Yay, no cavities, no fillings, and, no, I don’t have to sit in that dreaded dentist’s chair anytime soon!


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