Sun -> Rain -> Rainbow

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling pretty awful, so I didn’t go to work. I was trying to get more sleep and spent too much time lying in bed. Around 5:30 I decided I had to go for a walk to kinda stabilize my body and try to be normal again.

It was sunny and I took the bikepath to Davis Square. After 5 minutes it started raining while the sun was out. It was pretty neat. Then I headed back home, and all of a sudden people started looking up, smiling, taking cameras out and pointing up in the sky “Did you see the rainbow? Did you see the rainbow?” I looked up, and there it was a perfect arch over Cambridge and Somerville. Awesome sight, and it was kinda touching to see people bonding over the beauty of a natural phenomenon. People were smiling at me,  I was smiling back at people, I felt better instantly! Sometimes I like people.



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