Time Off Goes By Fast

I was away on vacation for two and a half weeks. Got back a week ago and everything was the same.  I don’t know, I guess I sort of expected things to be renewed and refreshed. But, no… Funny how you expect things to be different. I guess I was the one on vacation, and why would anything back here change, really? I guess the difference should be within me. I got back and everything felt and looked as sad and lame as ever *sigh*

The best part of my vacation was swimming everyday in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean: clear water you can see the sandy bottom, swimming far out and feeling the goodness of the water and the sun… Pure bliss…. came and went…

Now I kinda feel that summer’s out and I didn’t really have a chance to do anything new and different. I want to visit new places, I want to see new stuff. Sometimes I feel my world is suffocating me.

Anyway, last week I did see something new, Orfeo’s Group “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)” (aka The Complete WOWSA) at the Publick Theatre. It was very funny! The production is not anything fancy, but the actors are excellent and you should check it out and enjoy yourself.


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