MBTA Once Again

I’m kinda surprised that MBTA is still functioning. Judging from the countless  big and little inadequacies of the system, one can only wonder how they manage to stay afloat. Subsidies you might say, but as we all know this is not enough.

The purpose of public transportation is to serve the public, right? And that means making it easier for the public by way of clear signage, and easy and smooth flow of passengers in and out of trains and buses. I’ve ranted before about signage, but every time I get to use the MBTA the issue comes up again.

Yesterday my car got a flat tire, so I took the bus from Davis Sq to Medford Sq. I got to Davis T station and checked the bus stop area for signs with the number of buses that stop there, as I wanted to make sure that the buses to Medford Sq stop there indeed. But NO, no such sings outside the station AT the bus stop. So I got inside  and looked around for signs about bus numbers, NO again. Then there was a board on the wall and as I got closer I saw it had the time schedules of the buses that (I would guess) stop at Davis. Why can’t they just put a big sign above the board “BUS SCHEDULES”? Why do I have to walk around the walls and see if any of the announcements are about buses? Who the hell decides what sings or announcements should be, and how they should be displayed at the stops and stations? Has this person(s) ever taken public transportation? (And the chorus goes “Oh, silly, you“)

So let me propose this: to check the efficiency and effectiveness of your system you should send somebody unfamiliar with the system to do random routes. So when the person goes to the station or the stop and spends 10minutes going “uhhhh, where’s this and where’s that”, and cannot go from A to B easily and hassle free, then you have a problem. Then you have to change or add stuff. Really, has anybody ever tried out the routes? WTF MBTA, WTF???

I’m pretty sure more people would use public transportation if the system was more user friendly. And all the big cheeses at the MBTA should from time to time leave their cars home and take the MBTA and see how it sucks and come up with ways to fix it. I’m just saying…


5 thoughts on “MBTA Once Again

    • Great! And you for Mayor we’ll put this place back on track…
      Although I’d be better suited for Secretary of Transportation with Unlimited Funding for Out Of State Travel, for, ya know, purely research purposes, heh heh heh

  1. I feel your pain. I used to ride the Commuter Rail but stopped in January 2009 opting for a vanpool. The MBTA has many problems and few answers at best. The ousting of Dan Grabauskas as GM is unlikely to fix them, but this seems to be the focus of the MBTA Board of Directors and the Governor at the moment. Instead the should be fixing the system and lower the prices.

    • Yes! I feel there’s something wrong with the state administration who think that paying Grabauskas $327k for the remaining 9 months of his contract is a good move in these tough economic times. I find it hard to believe the next MBTA GM will be able to step up to the plate right away and start solving problems. But we’ll see…

  2. After taxes the poor guy’s going to take home less than $200K. And whomever they’re installing now will have all the answers. A little bird told me.

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