A Judge Can Be Funny

This is a little bit old, but back in the April 20 issue of the New Yorker, Lauren Collins wrote “The Vertical Tourist”, a piece on Alain Robert, the Frenchman who likes climbing skyscrapers. Robert is one of these people that are obsessed with climbing tall New York buildings. At some point Collins writes about Robert and Renaldo Clarke, a computer technician, climbing the Times building last year. This is an excerpt from the article

The daredevils, in tandem, irritated civic officials. Mayor Bloomberg pronounced them “stupid”. Peter Vallone, Jr., a city councilman who is the chairman of the city’s Public Safety Committee, suggested that Robert add “the walls of his jail cell at Rikers” to his list of conquests.  (…) Five weeks later, a third man attempted to climb the building.  He stalled at the eleventh floor. At his arraignment, a judge said, “If you want to kill yourself, find some nice quiet bridge in Connecticut in some hick town”


Sometimes Things Get Busy

The work week is over and you feel you need a break; then the weekend comes and goes and you feel that you didn’t get a break: the story of my life. Monday’s here and the weekend had been pretty enjoyable, but wicked busy.

After two weeks of working long and stressful hours, I finished my project last week. I was done with work by midday Friday and was ready to start my weekend. The weather has been awesome thankfully. I walked a lot on Friday, especially along the waterfront and checked out the Tall Ships. Beautiful vessels, and lots of people out and about. Later I saw the new Bigelow movie “The Hurt Locker“, which I found pretty good and highly recommend it.

Saturday was another beautiful day. Rode my bike and had breakfast picnic at the Powderhouse park: egg and cheese bagel & apple muffin from Magnificent Muffin & Bagel in Teele Square, and half moon cookie from Lyndell’s and coffee from True Grounds. The apple muffin was tasty, moist, had pieces of apple in it, on my, it was just perfect! Oh yes, I’m a strong believer of spreading my money around; you know “spread the wealth”, and of course support independent local businesses! It was quite nice at the park, until it wasn’t:  the Somerville DPW guys decided that 1pm on a sunny Saturday when working people can enjoy the park is the best time to mow the lawn and give a live demonstration of the term “noise pollution”. Thanks overtime-hungry jerks! Somerville, you (sometimes) disappoint me… Anyway, after that I got my hair done, saw the movie “Moon“, which was a little strange, with some good points, but tedious at times. Then we checked out the relatively new restaurant “Tory Row” at Harvard Square, I really liked the chevre stuffed peppadews. We then got cupcakes from “Sweet”. The cappuccino one was delicious, but, yeah, at $3 per cupcake I don’t think I’ll become a regular. I liked the design of the store and the impeccable display of the cupcakes.

Sunday we had brunch at Mr Crepe in Davis, which I find pretty average and I don’t really understand why some people love it. No, actually crepes are not supposed to taste like that, but whatever, we can’t really bring the french crepe making way in Somerville, so we’ll get what we can. Actual crepe FAIL, if you ask me… After the underwhelming crepe and a delicious half of a boston creme donut from Lyndell’s, we went downtown, walked around Boston Common and the Public Garden. It was quite neat to see five airplanes do the skywriting thing! Shopping around wore me down, gosh, I used to like shopping, now it’s just a major drag. For dinner we went to Craigie on Main, which was very very good and quite pricey. And the meal was a little bit adventurous: I had the scallops (too bad they had run out of the sea bass), and found a piece of something metal in my food; I was pretty sure it wasn’t something edible, and wasn’t really supposed to be there, it was like a very thin strip of twisted aluminum foil… The waitress and maitre d’ handled it very professionally, offering to prepare another dish for me or whatever I wanted. I got the seafood sausage, which was delicious, and they also got us another round of wine. When the check came they had taken the scallops out, and the second round of wine and seafood sausage were on the house. Although the experience wasn’t perfect, I would definitely go again.

So basically this weekend the goal was not to stay home, and stimulate the economy. Success, I congratulate myself on both. Well done. Now just looking forward to Wednesday, and two solid weeks of vacation, yeah!!!


“Your hair looks green”, he said. But that was Tuesday. I think today my hair looks orange.

So much thunder, so much lighting, so much rain. The ground and my mood are saturated. It almost feels like that summer in Edinburgh when the sun didn’t shine for a month. A different kind of summer for a girl from the Mediterranean. But now I feel better since I’m gonna be swimming in warm clear blue waters pretty soon. Longing for the sun and the sea. Oh, yes.