Biting Fingernails

I just cannot stop biting my fingernails; it’s gross, it’s unhealthy, it’s unattractive. But I cannot stop it. Oh, yes, I have tried the bitter nail polish, and it’s not working, because I end up liking the bitter flavor. It’s a stupid, compulsive habit that I just can’t kick. HELP

Also, I don’t know, but to me, if you eat something you’re not supposed to eat and then get sick, you only got yourself to blame.


3 thoughts on “Biting Fingernails

  1. Not quite sure: warning or consolation; regardless it’s something else for you to chew upon…

    …socially, Ahab was inaccessible. Though nominally included in the census of Christendom, he was still an alien to it. He lived in the world, as the last of the Grisly Bears lived in settled Missouri. And as when Spring and Summer had departed, that wild Logan of the woods, burying himself in the hollow of a tree, lived out the winter there, sucking his own paws; so, in his inclement, howling old age, Ahab’s soul, shut up in the caved trunk of his body, there fed upon the sullen paws of its gloom!

    -Herman Melville, Moby-Dick

  2. Not sure if Ahab’s nihilistic misery is congruent to simple social awkwardness…but if it works for you, enjoy!!!

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