“Summer Hours”

Saw the french movie Summer Hours, which was directed by Olivier Assayas. I didn’t like it. Maybe because I was expecting it to be better. I guess one could call it an OK movie. Just that. Mediocre.

The film was trying to show how the significance we attach to houses, furniture, art objects, etc changes with each generation. Now that people get to move a lot around this planet, home is difficult to define (oh, yeah, just ask me)… Anyway, the idea sounds interesting, but the execution was flawed. There were times when the images were overexposed and one ridiculous scene when two characters run towards their parked car while  it’s raining hard; they come to a stop at the car to chat and miraculously their hair looks like it has been under a hairdryer, and not under pouring rain.  Aaahhh, the merits of the invisible umbrella…

The acting felt weird, too, wooden and stiff. I found Helene (the mother) quite unbearable, and Adrienne (a blond Juliette Binoche) appropriately bitchy, looked like she’d rather be somewhere else. Oh well…

After the movie I walked over to the newly opened Friendly Toast. Their decor is kitschy, but there is a special something that makes the kitschy look cool. From the outside the place looked plain kitsch. It was virtually empty inside. It looked sad and lonely.  The five or so tables outside in that mahvelous concrete plaza, now decorated with christmas lights, were pretty much full. Next time I’m trying the food.


One thought on ““Summer Hours”

  1. actually, i didn’t like it also.. Two brothers and a sister witness the disappearance of their childhood memories when they must relinquish the family belongings to ensure their deceased mother’s succession.

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