“Former House Speaker Indicted” yawn

Oh, yes, this is how it is, politics in Massachusetts. DiMasi is the third House speaker in a row to be indicted.  DiMasi was indicted on raft of federal corruption charges for allegedly receiving $$ from a software company in exchange for securing state contracts for said company. And of course the majority of people around here who follow the MA politics were not surprised.

When DiMasi exited the federal court house he made this statement: 

My statement for today is that every decision that I have ever made as the speaker or as a state representative was always made in the best interests of my constituents and of the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Uh, yeah, which could be true, but does not mean that you are innocent, i.e. that you didn’t accept the money. Even if the software company was the best and cheapest, and the people of the Commonwealth benefited indeed, you still pocketed the money. If you were innocent, I think your first statement should have been something like “I haven’t done anything wrong”… I’m just saying…


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