Dreamcatchers In Cars

I think that the most ridiculous car decoration is a dreamcatcher hanging from the rearview mirror. What’s the driver trying to tell me? That he plans on taking a nap, while driving, and he just wants to make sure that he won’t have any bad dreams? Thanks, dude, I feel much better if you’re taking a peaceful nap while you’re doing 85mph on I93.

Let’s remind ourselves again what a dreamcatcher is: a native american charm, hung above the bed to protect sleeping people from nightmares. The idea is that only good dreams are allowed to filter through, and bad dreams stay away in the net, disappearing with the light of the day.

So I don’t know what a dreamcatcher in a car really means. That the driver is delusional and thinks he’s in bed? What’s a dreamcatcher in a car good for? Is it going to protect you from “nightmares” like a police cruiser coming behind you flashing its lights in your rearview mirror? Is it going to make toll booths, erratic drivers, painfully slow drivers and mile-long traffic jams “stay in the net and disappear”?

Oh, wake up, buddy, I don’t think so…

UPDATE: This is a dreamcatcher, tmb


4 thoughts on “Dreamcatchers In Cars

  1. I admit a minor ignorance…I’ve heard of these “Dream Catchers” as they have appeared in art, lit, and the general earthy-crunchy new agey culture that one can get a whiff of here and there which faintly smells of patchouli…but I don’t have a pic of one in my mind’s eye (oops…there’s that aroma again!). Could you gently assist the ignorant with a representative example?

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