For the Love of Plastic Bags

I have talked before about Stop & Shop and their employees’ attitude towards plastic bags. In short they love them; and they act like it’s the best thing ever, and the more the better. Today the woman who was doing the bagging managed to put all my food groceries in my two reusable bags. Then I asked if she could please put the three cleaning products I also bought in a paper bag. And she did.

And then grabbed the paper bag and put it into a… a…  freakin’ p l a s t i c   b a g…

And at that moment I instantly hater her; her and her eighties hairdo. And that store full of people like her. Hate, pure hate filled my heart.

But then I decided I’m not shopping there again.

And I’ve also decided that I’m gonna start circulating a petition to bring Trade Joe’s to North Cambridge. Preferably in a location where I can walk to. Where they’ll sell beer and wine. And where they’ll be offering only reusable bags for us to carry their ridiculously addictive snacks. And where the clerks will be cool cute lads and gals with multiple tattoos and piercings, and multicolored hair.

Bring Trader Joe’s to North Cambridge. NOW. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “For the Love of Plastic Bags

  1. IS anyone else irritated by the teenage lass at the supermarket showing her disdain when you opt for a free plastic bag over her suggestion of a purchased green bag to ferry home your groceries?

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