The Shins at the Orpheum

The Shins played a live show at the Orpheum Theatre last night, and it was prettygood. Mercer’s voice was unexpectedly strong live and the band looked like they were having fun. I’m afraid I don’t really like their new album as much as I like their previous work. Oh, well. I had a very good seat, and although the Orpheum is kinda crappy, I like the atmosphere, the feeling of a long lost grandeur…

Delta Spirit opened for them and they were quite good. I kinda think that the opening bands don’t play as loud as the main band. I was only familiar with a couple of their songs, but I liked their other stuff too.

I was taking some photos, until I wasn’t. The staff informed that I’m not allowed to take photos with my camera, a DSLR Nikon D90. I was like “why this camera?” So the rules are that you can use your crappy phone camera and your point-and-shoot, but you cannot use a “professional” camera, the one that takes various lenses. I really don’t get the point. Why are they making this distinction? Anyway, you can see some of the photos I took here.


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