Sunny Friday

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m done with work, so now I can go out and enjoy the nice weather, after I go groceries shopping, clean my place and run a million other errands. The weekend looks very promising weatherwise, but I got no solid plans yet. I could check out the Arboretum (when do lilacs bloom btw? oh, wait, lilac Sunday is May 10, nice!), but there are also a couple of afternoon films at the Independent Film Festival (IFFBoston) that I would also like to check out. Oh, yeah, there is also the Spring Fest going on on Sunday at Brandeis with Deerhunter, RJD2 and the Decemberists. I know, quite good, but the prospect of so many college kids around me make me feel old already (just kidding). Not. And, yeah, it’s open studios time, and this weekend it’s NoCa (ie North Cambridge, my hood, trying to be hip) open studios. So many options *sigh*

OK, no more yapping, I’m outta here, I’ll skip the errands part and go for a bike ride instead, and later I’ll be checking out “500 Days of Summer” and “In The Loop” at the IFFBoston. Have a good weekend.


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