… busy and busier, plans, specs, plans, specs, review, revise, move on, think, do, compile, type, edit, photos, words, funny, not so, trying to be appropriate but cannot, hide and hide some more, IFF Boston, busy, working late tonight, search, find, do, Earth Day, solar powered house, it was a woodchuck after all, I don’t care anymore, plans, make plans, hot weekend ahead, stay focused, stay still, be cool, be cute, accomodating, caring not, laugh at your jokes ha ha, stop it, stop it, you’re killing me, I’ll be there tomorrow waiting for you, I’ll be gone in a day or two, mush for brain, you look ridiculous in these pants, go away, no, don’t, come back, nobody’s home, write stuff, fix stuff, are you tawking to me, grey sky, rain, time to move on, still …


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