Blog Rally to Help the Boston Globe

I never thought that the Boston Globe would be seriously facing the prospect of shutting down. This is THE Boston Globe we’re talking about. This is BOSTON we’re talking about, a major intellectual center of the North East. I myself have been a critic of the paper, mainly because its coverage of local news has been diminishing. I don’t believe they have ended the City Weekly section: it was what I liked about the Sunday Globe the most, offering coverage of Boston neighborhoods, Brookline, Somerville and Cambridge.

The Globe’s major contribution though, has been the investigating reporting. Yes, we do need checks and balances for the executive power. The Globe’s journalists with long running connections and sharp eye were able to uncover the corrupt and the illegal. These are the stories that matter, cause we DO want to keep checks on the executive power. Yes, I want to know about Governor Partick’s new misstep, I want to know about the abuse of power from the Legislature, the Catholic church, the police, the Mayors etc etc

So we DO need this newspaper, and Boston bloggers have been rallying for ideas to save the paper. This is from the common statement:

 We view the Globe as an important community resource, and we think that lots of people in the region agree and might have creative ideas that might help in this situation. So, here’s your chance. Please don’t write with nasty comments and sarcasm: Use this forum for thoughtful and interesting steps you would recommend to the management that would improve readership, enhance the Globe’s community presence, and make money. Who knows, someone here might come up with an idea that will work, or at least help. Thank you.

(P.S. If you have a blog, please feel free to reprint this item and post it. Likewise, if you have a Twitter or Facebook account, please add this url as an update or to your status bar to help us reach more people.)

If you would like to comment with a new idea or thought on how to help save the paper, you can do that at Blue Mass Group here or at Paul Levy’s Blog “Running a hospital” here.

UPDATE: The Globe itself invites readers to propose ideas for survival. You can comment here.


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