I Declare Truce

The weekend is over and Mondays are sort of difficult. I tend to be rather tired on Monday mornings. It was an overall good weekend. There were some tense moments, but I guess I could erase the memories now, as it looks like “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” is becoming reality as the NYTimes reports. Scary reality to be honest.

The problem is not the memories of course. The problem is the actual fact. The problem is when what you want to say and convey comes out the wrong way; when you can be softer but you come out harsher; when you realize that you could do better but you fail; when you have good intentions but all you lamely succeed in is poor execution; when you trouble yourself with petty things that get magnified in the labyrinth of the thinking mind; when you bring out the swords instead of the white flag. Sometimes I wish I was simpler. It might be too late to be simple, but I decided to carry a white flag with me all the time, just in case.


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