Interracial BunnyLove


6 thoughts on “Interracial BunnyLove

  1. the deafening silence simply proves that you are ignoring the sexually contructed roles in bunnidom…ergo…the long lashes mean that these interacial bunnies are girl bunnies and they like to smooch therefore: they are hasenesque, hare-like, bunnificent rodents of Lesbos (who, lest I be mistaken, share the island with there human female friends)

    • “bunnificent” excellent! I know you concentrate on the long eyelashes, but the bland truth is that one is a boy and the other a girl. I mean I really like your imagery of the island of Lesbos, but I’m afraid I have to shatter your fantasy by declaring that this is interracial heterosexual bunny love.

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