Got Productivity?

Do you remember the days when we used to be productive? When there were no distractions and we actually worked 8 or 7  hours a day? The days when there was no internet connection standard in your office desktop? The days when there was no mobile internet access? I remember those days, and they seem to be light years away.

Now it looks like we’re all suffering from ADD, updating personal profiles on social networking sites, constantly checking e-mails and favorite websites, updating and reading blogs and news stories, consuming everything that’s out there. It is pretty addictive. It feels like we are on the receiving end, always. When do we find time to create? To work? To think? How much of our life are we living on-line? Some are complaining about long working hours and all, but have you ever really thought how many net hours you’re actually working per day? I have and it’s surprising…


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