It’s Friday indeed and I regret to admit that the first Friday-related song that comes to mind is “Friday I’m in Love”. The problem is that this is the one and only Cure song that I absolutely loath. It’s trying so hard to be a la-la happy song that it ends up sounding ridiculous. And of course almost every radio station feels compelled to play the song on Fridays. Gosh, it’s awful, and full of potential to put me in a bad mood.

Anyway, I was driving this morning to work and was counting the number of turns I had to make to get from home to work: a total of 8 turns, 5 of them being left turns. Left turns make me anxious. I have to be extra careful and then feel bad about the drivers who want to go straight or take a right turn and are stuck behind me. At least I use my blinker before the turn to indicate my intention, thus giving some time and room for cars behind me to go around me. Which reminds me that I hate the drivers who do not use their blinkers. These are the typical suburban / rural areas drivers who do not feel the need to use their blinkers because there is no such thing as traffic (or other cars on the roads when they are on the road) where they come from. It is simple people “when in Rome do as the Romans do”.

On another totally unrelated note, I’m wearing these today


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