Anything We Should Know About *Your* Tax Returns?

I’ve always felt that politics is a corrupted field, meaning that if you want to be a successful politician you have to commit some severe ass-kissing and give-and-take, as in give favors and take $$. With the advent of the Obama era I hoped that things would be more transparent and “clean”.  The news is that some of his staff and cabinet choices are facing questions regarding taxes. First it was Timothy Geithner, now confirmed Treasury Secretary, who failed to pay $34,000 in federal taxes while he was an official at the IMF. He claimed it to be an oversight while doing his taxes using TurboTax. Hey Geithner, there’s a clue: why don’t you keep all your tax return related documents together in a clearly marked envelop and then hire an accountant to do the job for you?! Jeez, why did YOU big shot Geithner even bother with TurboTax?

And then it was Tom Daschle the former senator and Obama’s pick for health and human services secretary who did not pay around $140,000 federal taxes on time. Daschle has withdrawn from consideration for the post, and that’s exactly what he should have done. Well, not paying $140,000 in taxes is deliberate, it’s not an innocent mistake. And it’s not just that: it’s also the sketchiness of his taking fees from healthcare interests. Yes, that’s an ideally suited health secretary, isn’t he? What conflict of interest? 

And right when we thought it all ended, Nancy Killefer withdrew from consideration for chief performance officer after coming forward with concerns about tax returns. REALLY?! I’m so surprised, so shocked… Who’s next?

The bottom line is that if you want to serve the public, you have to be honest and clean. GOT IT? Because it is really something to have people, who are deciding what to do with federal money, i.e. money from everybody’s taxes payments, NOT to be paying taxes themselves. It is unethical and it is against the law. You guys are not above the law, and you are not the law. You should be giving the example of good behavior. But your greed for power and money has blinded you. So it’s time you buggered off. Really.

And after all this, one would think that IRS would get a clue and start auditing the cabinet members and White House staff NOW. And after they’re done they should move on to auditing the senators and house representatives. And everybody’s gonna be having a jolly time, cause now that we’re done with football squares we can start betting on who’s the next and biggest cheater. Or we can all pull a Daschle and stop paying our taxes. All taxed citizens at the same time. And we’ll see where the money for every bailout and stimulus package is gonna come from.

Enough already with this shit.


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