Barack H. Obama – The 44th President of the USA


Well, this is it. Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th President of the USA. I was watching the Inauguration on line and was feeling happy and hopeful. Happy to see all these people united in celebration, and hopeful that our future will be less bleak than our present. I watched the old administration departing and sighed in relief. The evil man in a wheelchair, that was it, the end, good riddance.

And it was beautiful and extraordinary. The young family, the cute girls, the extended interracial family. This is the new America I thought, and I like it. We all took a break from the bad news of the economy. And for a little while, we felt giddy, happy, and even assured that we can make it, we can do better, and we can turn things around. We paused to party and enjoy the historically significant moment. And, yes, it is cool again to feel proud of your President.


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