One Two Three, Randomness is Free

Kelefa Sanneh shows us how to abuse the parethensis, while profiling Will Oldham.

Pitchfork gave the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album a hilarious 0.4!!! I haven’t listened to it yet, but generally I file BRMC under my guilty pleasures. I remember watching the explicit Michael Winterbottom movie “9 Songs”, and at some point there came the blast of BRMC’s “Whatever Happened to My Rock ‘n’ Roll”, and I was hooked. Simple rock songs, with simple lyrics and hooks, sometimes that’s all you and I need.

On “9 Songs”: No, it wasn’t a soft porn movie. Yes, it was sexually explicit, but there was a plot, and it was beautifully shot. Yes, it was a celebration of the small-breasted girl.

I need to play my guitar and write a song with my favourite chord Fmaj7.

I need to hang out with articulate people and hope that osmosis will work.

I miss warm weather and warm seas.



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