New Year

This is the new year and I have to admit is does not feel that much different from the old year. Maybe it’s just another sign of me getting old. Every new year’s eve is less exciting and less anticipation is building up. The new year makes me a year older; why should I be celebrating that? But it’s also true that the New Year brings some hope; not so expectations, cause, really, who wants to see their expectations reduced to disappointment? No, not me.  Of course I would welcome a pleasant surprise in the new year. The not so pleasant surprises can wait and wait and wait… forever…

I spent my birthday and Saturday in New York City. It was lovely, with the festive lights still on, a megalopolis all dressed up. So many people, stylish people, beautiful people. Traffic, relentless noise and honking. Impressive buildings, lights, crowds, rich people walking up and down the Upper East Side, so much opulence. We walked a lot and I loved it. Made me feel part of the city. I soaked up the ambience. We went to the MoMA, which was crazy busy, saw the play “Boeing Boeing”, went to the Whitney, stayed at a hip hotel in a not so hip room. The MoMA was mobbed (this is what you get when you decide to go on a free Friday night), so we lingered a little bit for the  Pipilotti Rist “Pour Your Body Out” installation, and then rushed through the Joan Miro Painting – Anti- Painting exhibition. That was my first time visiting the Whitney, and have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised, especially by the Alexander Calder The Paris Years 1926-1933 exhibition. The Signs of the Time and the William Eggleston Democratic Camera exhibit was also good, but his Stranded in Canton videos not so. There could be beauty in randomness, but that was boring and mildly irritating.  The Corin Hewitt: Seed Stage exhibition was an interesting mix of performance art and photography, with the artist working in this box, while cooking and preparing installations and photographing, and we could peek in through the openings at the edges of the box/room (you can read a relevant NYTimes article here). And then we walked some more, uptown, midtown, even enjoyed some quiet time in Central Park. The only famous person sighting to report was Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Whitney.

New, new, new, I want the new year to bring new experiences, new places, new faces, new feelings. Happy New Year.


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