Last Saturday I did the Somerville Illuminations tour: trolleys depart from the City Hall and drive around Somerville, while tour guides point out the best decorated / illuminated houses and provide commentary on Someville history, joke around and sing carols. Our tour guide was Tom Champion, the voice of Somerville. We, I meant they, sang carols, and Champion has a very good voice. The Somerville Arts Council organizes the tour every year, which usually sells out pretty fast. This was the first time I did the tour and I really liked it!

I wish the trolley would stop for a moment so I could take some decent photos of the best illuminated houses, but so such luck.


I shot some short takes on video with my D90. That was my first time shooting video; well, what can I say, someone could use some video shooting classes. And now I have joined the thousands (or is it millions?) who use youtube to upload their trash. The first piece was shot when the trolley was going through some not so illuminated roads, but Champion sings a very good “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

This next piece is a very short short with some nicely illuminated houses.

At the end of the tour we even got a little gift



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