The Boston Globe is Still a Disappointment

I used to read the Boston Globe (i.e. the real paper) every Sunday. Then about two months ago I stopped buying it. I don’t really know why, maybe because it came to be a real disappointment. The writing was getting worse and less interesting. There was never a topic in the paper that you hadn’t heard of or read about before. In other words the newspaper wasn’t doing the “news” part anymore. I would check it on-line, but the website isn’t that attractive either. It is cluttered; it is full of old top stories, especially in the A&E section.

Anyway, yesterday I picked up the Sunday Boston Globe again for the first time in two months. My impression is still the same: disappointment. The A section articles are all taken from other agencies and/or papers, the Metro (fka City & Region) and City Weekly sections, which are written by Globe staff and correspondents, are quite boring and feel stale. There are fewer advertisements. But going through the sections there were two “WOW” moments: the jobs listings were only two pages long, same with the real estate section. I don’t know, maybe it had to do with the Thanksgiving holiday and all, but I had never seen these sections that shrunken before. Are all listings migrating to the web? Or is it really a sign of the times? Is it because of the weak economy, the rising unemployment, the wounded housing market? It reminded me of a similar situation at the end of 2000, when the IT listings in the jobs section were almost four pages long, and then a couple of months later with the dotcom bust they disappeared.

I don’t know, tough times or not, but this paper could really use something edgy, something worth writing about, something NEW.


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