René Magritte – 110th Birthday

Google informs me that today’s the 110th birthday of René  Magritte, the Belgian surrealist painter. I like his paintings because, well, they are surreal. What I like the most in them are the puffy white clouds. I saw a Magritte exhibition back in 2000 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The exhibition was at the Dean Gallery at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, a very beautiful building located on beautiful grounds. There were about 70 of his paintings on display, the first exhibition of the Belgian’s work ever to be shown in Scotland. The gallery presented a very interesting combination of natural (low, dim, Scottish) light and interior light. I remember looking at the paintings, and they looked like they were illuminated from within. I can still remember how it felt to look at something so beautiful, so grand. I wanted to linger around forever; it was gratifying, it was almost perfect…

The Empire of Light II

The Empire of Light II

The Lovers

The Lovers


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