East Somerville

The other day I was out and about in East Somerville taking pictures. I submitted three of them for consideration for the Interpreting East Somerville juried exhibit. I used to work at a building at the boundary of East Somerville and I always found the area pretty diverse; some parts were gritty, some parts are nice residential areas. It’s a very densely built area. The people you see walking through the streets are a diverse crowd, too. In my photographs I focused on the built environment.

These first two pictures are from Florence Street. The first one could have been somewhere on Beacon Hill. The second one is two buildings down from the first one, a whole different world.


 This is a house on Glen Street, which I’m sure has been photographed lots of times, especially at night with all lights on. I wonder how long it took them to put all the lights and decorations up!?

The next one is at 60 Tufts Street. I don’t know what kind of building this is (residential, offices?). I think it’s a unique building to East Somerville, looking like better suited somewhere in California. I like the contrast of the white and blue, reminds me of the Mediterranean.

Around the corner from 60 Tufts Street is the Cross Street bridge. Looks like it needs some work, hopefully just cosmetic touch-ups and not structural integrity related work. At the background you can see the McGrath Highway bridge. Both bridges go over the rail road tracks.

On Broadway there are lots of colorful storefronts:

This old Fire House is also on Broadway and now it houses the Cross Street Elderly Center



7 thoughts on “East Somerville

  1. Much better now, thanks!

    The house in the third photo is an annual highlight of the Somerville Arts Council’s Illuminations Tour each December.

    The building in the fourth photo started out as a church, then became a movie theatre, then a plumbing supply warehouse, and now condominiums. You can read more about it here and here.

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