Tour de Somerville 2008

Tour de Somerville is an annual bike ride organized by Somerville’s Bicycle Committee. The 2008 Tour de Somerville was held on Saturday October 18, 2008. It was a 15-mile long ride mainly along the outer edges of the City of Somerville. You can view a map of the ride and cue sheet at

I initially thought it was going to be kinda chilly, but it turned out to be sunny and pretty comfortable. The ride started at 10am at the Seven Hills Park and ended at 1pm at Kenney Park. The pace was rather slow, but it was accomodating to the diverse crowd of bikers, meaning all ages and various fitness levels.  It was really nice having Somerville Police officers riding with us, which meant that the roads belonged to us (yay!!!) and generally made the ride safer.

At some point we rode along the Mystic River Parkway (Route 16):

At some point later we stopped at Broadway and Bristol Pearson Road

waiting for Mayor Curtatone to address the crowd. He showed up with one of his super cute sons

She had the coolest helmet on:

Later on we stopped at the Somerville Boys and Girls Club’s Blessing of the Bay boathouse by the Mystic River for refreshments 

where I snapped this picture of the youngest (I think) participant of the Tour, with Mom, Dad and one of the police officers

I guess around 100 people joined for the ride, and I am sure they enjoyed it. I met some new people and even had the chance to say hi to bassist Pete Sutton of the Ray Corvair Trio. A pleasant Saturday morning indeed!


4 thoughts on “Tour de Somerville 2008

  1. Hi, I’m one of the organizers of this ride. I’m glad you enjoyed it and especially glad you took photos. I’ll pass this site on to the other members of the Somerville Bicycle Committee.

    Unless I made a wrong turn while leading the ride (which is posssible), the second photo is at Broadway and Pearson Road.

    We do two rides a year, the Tour de Somerville in the fall, and a historical tour in the spring. Watch for an announcement of our spring ride next year.

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