The Flashy and the Loud

The Fair was flashy and loud, a constant visual and acoustic assault. I tried to breathe and I tried to take it easy, I tried to enjoy, something, anything, small and insignificant. But I was not allowed to the small; the big and ugly was imposed on me.

I breathed the same air with big people, big families, big trucks and big stuffed animals. The excessive noise penetrated my ears and threw me off balance. I wanted to run away but I couldn’t, at some point I have to stop running away from things and situations, I’m a grown up now, I can deal with things, can’t I? Well, my body stayed put, but my mind flew away and landed on thoughts of small hands and small voices, quick glances and vast silences. You can trick the mind up to certain point, your eyes still see.

I liked hovering up above up in the ferris wheel, where the loud turned to quiet. But the flashy was still there, blooding the darkness with endless contempt.


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